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Cambridge Life Sciences was established in 1981 as a provider of innovative healthcare products to clinical diagnostic specialists.

The company’s areas of focus are autoimmune and clinical chemistry diagnostics. Research programmes are targeted at the development of novel markers and immunosensor technology.

Cambridge Life Sciences is a UK based, ISO13485:2003 certified manufacturing company that develops and sells its products and services worldwide.

Over the years, the company has made a number of strategic partnerships in order to provide its customers with complete and innovative diagnostic solutions through the provision of quality products supported by dedicated, customer-focused professionals.

Key partners include:

DAS srl
ravo Diagnostika
Immco Diagnostics Inc.
Glenbio Ltd
Fraen Corporation
Astra s.r.l
Diazyme Laboratories
Human Diagnostics
Aurora Photonics Inc
ADP - Advance Diagnostic Products

The company also takes an active role in the UK National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) and is a member of the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA).

Field of Activity: Medical diagnostics

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