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Why collaborate with Cambridge Life Sciences?

Experience and Expertise

Cambridge Life Sciences has a worldwide reputation in the field of biosensors and immunoassay. Its facilities and resources ensure the highest research and development standards within the industry and its contacts with both local and world leading centres aim to keep it at the cutting edge of technology and development. Extend your own Research and Development facilities using the mix of know-how and ability at Cambridge Life Sciences

Track Record

Cambridge Life Sciences has successfully completed commercial development projects in collaboration with a host of international commercial partners. The company developed PACE, the unique, patented biosensor technology that has been licensed for clinical applications to some of the world’s leading diagnostic companies. This track record coupled with guaranteed confidentiality makes Cambridge Life Sciences a considerable ally in an ever changing world.

What advantages does Cambridge Life Sciences offer?

  • Shortened development programs
  • New market entry with lower development costs
  • An extension of your own R&D facilities utilising expertise and experience of Cambridge Life Sciences
  • Guaranteed confidentiality