Quality Policy

It is the policy of Cambridge Life Sciences Ltd. to give full commitment to the design, manufacture, marketing, supply and distribution of in vitro diagnostic products and medical devices and the provision of services that will meet the requirements of our customers.  At the same time, our continual improvement programme ensures that our processes deliver products that are the highest within the industry.

Our obligation is to provide the customer with high quality products and services.  Our customers must have complete confidence that we can achieve and maintain the level of quality that we are aiming for.

Quality standards are critical to our customers, as their use of diagnostic assays will directly affect the treatment of, and long-term prognosis for, patients.  For the same reasons, quality standards are critical to us and our business.

Internally, the effective use of our Quality Management System will improve the efficiency of our operation and create an internal environment that enables creativity, empowerment and accountability and is pleasant to work in.

It is not sufficient for us to consider that quality is an aim for production only.

All personnel within the company are responsible for achieving the Company's quality targets, each of us striving to produce better quality results in our own individual tasks.  This will be achieved through the continual improvement programme.  Our aim is to continually reduce the level of non-conformances and thereby reduce the level of rework and repetition, reduce wastage, and at the same time increase efficiency.  All instances of non-conformance, internal or external, must be handled efficiently and professionally.

Please note; where examples are used throughout the quality manual these should not be considered an exhaustive list.

Quality cannot be added as an afterthought.  It cannot be inspected into a product; neither can continual repeat and rework create it.  Quality must be built into a product and it must be part of our overall philosophy.

Our policy is to achieve the highest level of customer confidence and satisfaction in all aspects of our business.  To this end we need to maintain ISO 13485 certification.  At the same time, we have to demonstrate that our striving for quality is a continuous process.  To do this every letter, every email, every telephone call, every visit, every product sent out - in fact, everything that we do - has to be of the highest quality that we, as individuals, are capable of.  Anything less and we let each other down and, more importantly; we let the Company and the customer down.

Cambridge Life Science is committed to working to the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 and to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.