LISA TRACKER: Inflammatory Diseases

The LISA TRACKER Premium kits are the first CE marked kits allowing simultaneous dosage of three parameters within three hours of reaction from a serum sample:

  • Circulating TNFα is one of the main markers involved in the inflammatory process. TNFα is a complex predictive marker that may lead to new areas of research.
  • Prescribed anti-TNF-α (Infliximab, Adalimumab, Etanercept, Certolizumab-pegol, golimumab) to optimize dosage consistent with the presence or absence of ADAb.
  • The presence of antibodies directed against the medication (ADAb), of which authors have reported the presence among patients experiencing loss of drug efficacy.

These kits allow clinicians to monitor the patient’s trough plasma levels of these three parameters over time. The combination of these three parameters allows them to anticipate, optimize, and better manage the patient’s treatment.

Assays are also available for; anti-IL6-R, anti-CD20, anti-VEGF, anti-HER2, anti-IL12 + IL23, anti-ɑ4β7 integrin.

LisaTracker ImmunoTrol is a range of ready to use internal Quality Control sera, dedicated to the pharmacological dosages of biotherapies (drug and anti-drug antibodies).

Download the LisaTracker Datasheet and Immuno-Trol Datasheet

LISA TRACKER: CE-IVD clinical decision-making tool for Inflammatory Diseases

  • Unique TDM menu with 12 kits available
  • Full coverage of biotherapies used in IBD, but also other Chronic Inflammatory diseases and oncology
  • Accurate quantitative measurement of drugs and anti-drigs antibodies
  • Easy to use with standardised protocols from sample collection to result interpretation
  • Clinically validated with measurement ranges tailored to induction and maintenance treatment phases
  • Validated on automated platforms (DS2, DSX etc.)
  • Validated and supported by the pharmaceutical industry

Therapeutic Drug monitoring helps physicians to make rational therapeutic decisions during the course of the disease and to support the proper use of drugs.
Proactive and Reactive TDM during treatment’s induction and maintenance contribute to maximise biotherapies clinical benefits while minimising their side effects.
TDM approach leads to major cost savings in healthcare settings compared to a clinically based approach.
Update on the latest data available for therapeutic windows for all molecules used in IBD.
Lisa Tracker is validated in accordance with the 1st WHO international standards.

A new brochure dedicated to LISA TRACKER, the clinical decision making tool for Inflammatory Diseases is available here


CodeDescriptionMSDSInstructions for use
LisaTracker LTATheradiag LisaTracker Duo Adalimumab
LisaTracker LTBTheradiag LisaTracker Duo Bevacizumab
LisaTracker LTCTheradiag LisaTracker Duo Certolizumab
LisaTracker LTETheradiag LisaTracker Duo Etanercept
LisaTracker LTGTheradiag LisaTracker Duo Golimumab
LisaTracker LTITheradiag LisaTracker Duo Infliximab
LisaTracker LTRTheradiag LisaTracker Duo Rituximab
LisaTracker LTTTheradiag LisaTracker Duo Tocilizumab
LisaTracker LTTRTheradiag LisaTracker Duo Trastuzumab
LisaTracker LTUTheradiag LisaTracker Duo Ustekinumab
LisaTracker LTVTheradiag LisaTracker Duo Vedolizumab