Eurolyser is one of the leading manufacturers of point-of-care diagnostic tests and instruments, successfully distributing goods worldwide for more than 15 years.

Cube-S Instrument

This small, elegant and reliable point-of-care analyser was designed specifically with practises and doctor‘s offices in mind. Delivering results within minutes from a droplet of whole blood. Right where you are - at the touch of a button.

Simple & convenient

Tiny sample sizes (5 - 50 μl) - no need to draw excessive amounts of blood

Automatic haematocrit correction

Automated, maintenance-free analysis


Precision of large-scale laboratory analysers

Pre-set calibration curves

Auto-self-test routine


Results in a few minutes – rather than days

Smart Instruments

Sleek yet robust, with a broad test portfolio: smart analysers made a significant difference in their application for hospital- and ICU-laboratories around the world. Quick single parameter detection - when every minute counts.

Rapid diagnosis, simple monitoring

Inflammation, coagulation or renal function - life saving decisions with real-time data:

Point-of-care testing can reduce emergency department wait time up to 50 min!

Exceptional medication management through continuous monitoring

Ease of use, ease of mind

Robust and bright touchscreen display

Simple-to-use cartridge system


Effortlessly connect to hospital- or lab-networks, printers, etc.