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Welcome to the site of a company committed to providing solutions and innovative healthcare products to the clinical diagnostic specialist.

Cambridge Life Sciences is a UK based, ISO13485:2003 certified manufacturing company that develops and sells its products and services worldwide. The main area of focus are autoimmune and clinical chemistry diagnostics.

- Areas of expertise include:


  • ISO9001:2008
  • ISO13485:2003
    - Certified for 'Design, manufacture and factoring of invitro products'.
  • Research partner with major centres of excellence.

Latest News

Xanthochromia - A QC to aid in the monitoring of Subarachnoid Haemmorrhage

Cambridge Life Sciences in conjunction with ADP is now able to offer Xanthochromia - a Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) QC, intended for use as a quality control to monitor the performance of laboratory screening of CSF for the presence of haemoglobin and/or bilirubin.

Available as a frozen liquid stable format, single or bi-level, 1.0 or 0.5ml vials.

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New CLS Paracetamol Sera Calibrators for improved accuracy and sensitivity

Cambridge Life Sciences is now pleased to be able to offer new Paracetamol Sera Calibrators to go alongside the popular K8002 and K8003 Paracetamol Kits.  The key features include:- 

• Human sera based calibrators to improve accuracy and sensitivity

• Sensitivity: <3mg/L (0.02mmol/L)

• Measurement range: 3 - 378mg/L (0.02 - 2.50mmol/L)

• Calibration frequency: 168 hours

• Liquid ready to use 

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Near Patient Diagnostics

Cambridge Life Sciences group of companies, now offers new Near Patient Diagnostics (NPD) products with the introduction of the Eurolyser range. enabling true clinical diagnostics to be performed quickly and simply at primary care level or in the community.

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