Biolis 30i Clinical Chemistry Analyser

The first choice for small and medium size laboratories for routine and special chemistry.

Product specifications

User friendly hardware and software
Real time display of analysis process, reagent residual volume
Cost effective
270 tests/hour, 450 tests/hour including ISE
Simple reagent management
Flexible – over 100 parameters available
High precision – individual probes for reagent 1 and reagent 2 and sample
No carry over – air pressure mixing system
Low noise
Low sample volume (HbA1c sample preparation and measurement)
Sample predilution and auto rerun dilution
STAT operation
Innovative Assay Menu
Supports Both 1 & 2-Reagent and 3 & 4-Reagent Assays
Over 20 Assays already Validated
Open system allows additional assays to be validated

Download the datasheet now.

Download U1021 IFU

Download U1021 IFU

Download K9001 IFU

Download K8100 IFU

Download K8003 IFU

Download K8002 IFU

Download Z9296 IFU

Download Z9196 IFU

Download Z4396 IFU

Download Z4696 IFU

Download Z4596 IFU

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