Cambridge Life Sciences and MedScience partnership

From 1st February 2023, Cambridge Life Sciences, part of the Pharmed Group, has a new UK distribution partner.

MedScience Distribution Ltd, also part of the Pharmed Group, has taken over the distribution, sales and support of all products in the UK, previously distributed by Cambridge Life Sciences, and will operate out of our office in Banbury and warehouse facilities in Kidderminster. Cambridge Life Sciences will continue to manufacture its own medical diagnostic products as well as offering services such as contract manufacture and reference laboratory, and will continue export sales and distribution to the rest of the world.

This development will enable the Cambridge Life Sciences product portfolio to capitalise on the larger infrastructure and sales resources, customer service, distribution, and quality systems currently in place. Cambridge Life Sciences and MedScience Distribution Ltd. have worked very closely to ensure a smooth transition for all our suppliers and customers. In line with this, we also launched our new logo at the beginning of 2023. The new design represents the development of our company and gives us a fresh look to mark this change.

Visit MedScience website to learn more about them:

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Download U1021 IFU

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