CLS launch new Intrinsic Factor Elisa Assay

Intended Use 

AUTOZYMETM IFAB Anti-Intrinsic Factor Antibodies Assay for the quantitative or semi-quantitative detection of antibodies to Intrinsic Factor (IF) in human serum or plasma to aid the diagnosis of pernicious anaemia in conjunction with other laboratory tests and clinical findings.

Detection of anti-intrinsic factor antibodies provides an important contribution to the differential diagnosis of pernicious anaemia (due to intrinsic factor deficiency) and other causes of vitamin B12 malabsorption. Indeed, other tests such as the cytomorphology of red blood cells, determination of serum vitamin B12 levels or the Schilling test are not specific enough for the diagnosis of Pernicious anaemia.

Anti-Intrinsic Factor antibodies can be detected using RIA or ELISA methods. The ability of type I auto-antibodies to prevent the binding of vitamin B12 to the intrinsic factor has allowed the development of RIA methods. ELISA methods detect type I and type II antibodies and are unaffected by the presence of high exogenous vitamin B12 levels.

The AUTOZYMETM IFAB Anti-Intrinsic Factor Antibodies Assay is an easy, rapid and sensitive method allowing the detection of total anti-intrinsic factor antibodies. The use of recombinant intrinsic factor as antigen ensures the specificity of the method.

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• Antigen: recombinant intrinsic factor

• Calibration: 6 calibrators (quantitative) or cut-off control (semi-quantitative)

• Dilution: 1/100 (5μl sample+ 495μl diluent)

• No interference from Direct and Total Bilirubin, Haemoglobin, Triglycerides, RF

• Serum and Plasma (EDTA, citrate, heparin) samples

• TMB Substrate

• Assay Time: 30’, 30’ 10’

Download the datasheet.

Download U1021 IFU

Download U1021 IFU

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