Since its establishment in 1981, Cambridge Life Sciences Ltd. has been committed to providing solutions and innovative healthcare products to the clinical diagnostic specialist.

Cambridge Life Sciences (CLS) develops and manufactures immunoassay diagnostic kits based on the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) principles. It has developed AUTOZYME™, an ELISA autoimmune product range featuring liquid ready-to-use reagents that are designed and suitable for automated systems.

In addition, the company has developed assays for the detection and measurement of therapeutic drug monitoring. Its market leading Paracetamol and Salicylate assays are testimony to its commitment to producing specific, rapid and robust testing methods.  Other products include a rapid test for the detection of H. pylori in biopsies taken during endoscopy trademarked as Endosc-Hp® in the UK.

CLS is a Pharmed Group company.