New leadership at Cambridge Life Sciences

We have recently welcomed a new leader to the Cambridge Life Science family, with Jools Hudson taking the reins as General Manager.

Jools gains her management expertise from wide experience of running technology businesses. Her combination of a solid technical background and management training, plus well-honed leadership skills results in her being able to inspire and motivate across many disciplines. Jools has solid experience of establishing international commercial partnerships, setting effective KPIs, analysing financial performance, developing market insight, setting product and marketing strategy. She is a chartered Engineer and has an MBA from Cranfield University.

Jools is excited to join the company at a time of expansion and change and is looking forward to driving the CLS vision and leading the progression of the company. She says “Cambridge Life Sciences is an established company, with an excellent reputation for in vitro diagnostics, and can offer so much more with our services such as contract manufacturing and reference lab facilities. We look forward to developing new products and ensuring CLS continues to shine in medical diagnostics.”

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