Biotherapy Monitoring

Monitoring of patients under biotherapies.  Biotherapies are immunogenic and trigger the production of Anti-drug antibodies (ADAb).  Various factors affect pharmacokinetic of the biotherapies, in particular heterogeneity of patients, their pathology, the use of other medications and more importantly ADAb appearance.  The presence of ADAb has a direct impact on the treatment efficiency by blocking the action of the drug.  ADAb increases the clearance and reduces the drug concentration leading to loss of clinical efficiency.  

Anti-TNFα's are therapeutic treatments widely prescribed to treat more than 50,000 patients affected by various chronic inflammatory pathologies. They consist of biomarkers capable of binding TNFα and blocking the action of the TNFα that is responsible for the inflammatory state.

Infliximab, Adalimumab, and Etanercept are anti-TNFα biologics recommended for treating pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ankylosing spondylarthritis, and psoriasis.

Whatever the anti-TNF-α, some authors have demonstrated the appearance of anti-drug neutralizing antibodies (ADAb = Anti-Drug Antibodies) among patients presenting therapeutic resistance (20% to 60% of treated patients). This presence of ADAb appears as a precursor to potential clinical deterioration.

The LISA TRACKER Premium kits are the first CE marked kits allowing simultaneous dosage of three parameters within three hours of reaction from a serum sample:

  • Circulating TNFα is one of the main markers involved in the inflammatory process. TNFα is a complex predictive marker that may lead to new areas of research.
  • Prescribed anti-TNF-α (Infliximab, Adalimumab, Etanercept, Certolizumab-pegol, golimumab) to optimize dosage consistent with the presence or absence of ADAb.
  • The presence of antibodies directed against the medication (ADAb), of which authors have reported the presence among patients experiencing loss of drug efficacy.

These kits allow clinicians to monitor the patient’s trough plasma levels of these three parameters over time. The combination of these three parameters allows them to anticipate, optimize, and better manage the patient’s treatment.

Assays are also available for; anti-IL6-R, anti-CD20, anti-VEGF, anti-HER2, anti-IL12 + IL23, anti-ɑ4β7 integrin.

LisaTracker ImmunoTrol is a range of ready to use internal Quality Control sera, dedicated to the pharmacological dosages of biotherapies (drug and anti-drug antibodies).

Download the LisaTracker Datasheet and Immuno-Trol Datasheet



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